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MGR360 is the leading training and placement firm for well-rounded people managers

Great managers are worth their weight in gold

Most organizations spend only 12 minutes training managers each year.* That leaves most supervisors without the skills they need.

At MGR360 (“manager three-sixty”) we’re here to build your organization’s supply of great management talent. You won’t believe the difference it makes when you have well-trained people managers using a consistent framework:

*US Bureau of Labor statistics

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What we do


Over a customized 1-day session, MGR360 trainers will equip your team to excel in people management.

Using our consistent management framework, your managers will save time and make a notable difference in the organization.


A single great people manager has a positive ripple effect over your entire company. 

MGR360 assesses talent gaps in your organization and supplies you with vetted individuals who meet your precise needs.

Great 1-on-1s Start with Great Questions

We’ve collected 50 of our most productive, enlightening 1-on-1 questions in a handy deck of cards.

Order yours today to re-energize your weekly 1-on-1s!

1-on-1 Meeting Cards

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